Don Juan's - Latin Fusion Cuisine

Come Savor Our
Unique Latin Flavors

At Don Juan’s we want our guests to have a dining experience, not just something to eat. That is why we make everything possible from scratch right here in our own kitchen. Juan has developed recipes for everything from the empanada pastry to the special seasonings used on the hand cut flat iron steaks.

There is so much more to Latin Food than enchiladas, rice and beans.  So come take a culinary adventure through the rich flavors of Latin-American. Experience the authenticity of a traditional Mexican Veracruz Sauce, and Juan’s contemporary Brazilian Ahi, marinated in a Brazilian sugarcane liquor. Prepare your palate and open your mind to a Latin-American flavor fusion right here in Tehachapi.

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This restaurant is a gem in Tehachapi. The food is always top quality and worth the price. It's casual or dress up dining.

~ Bob K., Tehachapi

Always intices the taste buds with seasonal vegies and fruits for salsa. Blackened Tuna is great! Don't dress-up just enjoy!

~ Carol G, Tehachapi

So we are traveling north from wintering in the south and go through Tehachapi, CA. We decided to stay there. We are very, very picky about food and when we go out we want fresh, unique and creatively presented food. This restaurant is like a pearl in a very unsuspecting place! Go for it! You will love it!

~ Linda, Winthrop Washington

Over the years, my husband and I have tried to spend time at Don Juan's at least once a week for the consistently delicious food and warm camaraderie with the owners and staff. What comes from Don Juan's kitchen is made from scratch, invariably healthy and flavorful.

~ Lindsey C., Tehachapi

Don Juan's continues to improve, even though they are already the best restaurant in Tehachapi. The food is freshly prepared and that is hard to find these days. The menu has a variety of Latin entrees and all of them are delicious.

~ Louis C, Tehachapi

My wife and I have eaten at Don Juan's Grill many times in the several years they have been open. Yolanda and Juan offer a selction of Latin American and Caribbean dishes that are both flavorful and eye catching.

~ Nick Altieri, Tehachapi CA

This adorable waitress recommended a cuban steak, great wine and an unbelievable dessert.We stayed it your town five days and the food and service counldn't be touched by another reasuarant. Thank you for a great evening, we weill be back

~ Paula L., Milton, FL

Love the atmosphere, the wine and the best is the fried plantains!

~ Peggy, Tehachapi

I love this restaurant. We don't live in Tehachapi, but when we are passing through we stop here. My husband ordered the chicken over fettucini, wonderful. I had a sandwich, excellent. Too much food, maybe we will share next time. Great service.

~ Sandy A, Bakersfield, CA

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Chimichurri - not just for dipping

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One of the items we get the most comments on by our guest is the delicious homemade chimichurri sauce we offer with fresh bread shortly upon your arrival. People often ask us what it is, how to get it all followed by "could we have some more?" So here's a little more info about the delicious concoction that we make here fresh, how you can get more and just what else you can use it for at home.

Chimichurri is actually an Argentinian sauce and references to it are seen as early as the 1800's. Typically a blend of oil, vinegar, parsley or cilantro, garlic and seasonings, the sauce is most commonly used as a marinade or accompanying sauce.

While we offer small portions for your pleasure here at the restaurant, you can get larger containers to buy and take home. But we don't want you to think it's all about being a dipping sauce. So here are some great ideas on how to use chimichurri in a variety of ways.

With Beef

If you're a beef lover, chimichurri is the perfect marinade for ribeye, skirt, flank and flat-iron steaks. Typically you'll want to marinate the beef for at least 1-4 hours then drain from sauce and salt and pepper your steak before grilling. We recommend rare to medium-rare to get the best flavor from your quality beef.

Not quite in the mood for steak? Try it on your hamburgers - yep! Blend a tablespoon or so in with your raw meat while forming patties then grill as normal. Afterwards, spoon the sauce liberally on both beef and bun and enjoy the rich tangy flavors!

With Chicken

Chicken is another great meat to show off the unique flavors of chimichurri. Save half your sauce for dipping and marinate chicken for 60 minutes or up to two days. Grill until fully cooked and juices run clear then drizzle with some of the remaining sauce.

With Fruits and Vegetables

Chimichurri sauce is just as great on vegetables but rather than using as a marinade, we recommend drizzling just toward the end or even after grilling or roasting.

Some great ideas are to include asparagus, cauliflower, bell peppers zucchini, or your favorite summer squash. Toss all lightly in olive oil, coarse salt and pepper and then roast or grill until cooked to your preference. Then, while still warm, drizzle with Juan's chimichurri and serve immediately.

Finally, another great way to have it is in a salad. Consider tossing into anything from mixed greens to watermelon or even combine with some of your favorite cream dressings.

In all, you'll have a tough time finding something chimichurri tastes badly on... Go ahead, try it with potato and eggs, seafood, ribs and more - just avoid pancakes.

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Mother's Day Brunch

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An annual tradition, our Mother's Day Brunch is a fantastic way to get the family together and celebrate Mom. Come eat all you would like at Don Juan's in Tehachapi this Mother's day May 12th. There will be plenty of incredible food to enjoy from our buffet starting at 11am to 3pm or order your favorites from the menu all day. Price per person is $23 and you can add champagne for just $2. Children under 13 are just $13. 

Mother's Day Brunch at Don Juan's

On the Menu

Sunday Brunch Includes: 

  • Hand Carved Prime Rib 
  • Pernil-Pierna de Cerdo Azado (Porto Rican Roasted Pork) 
  • Pollo en Pipian (Chicken in Pumpkin Seed Sauce) 
  • Arroz con Camarones (Shrimp & Rice) 
  • Veggies & Plenty of Side Dishes 
  • Fresh Fruit Salad and Greens 
  • Desserts 
  • Includes OJ, Iced Tea or Coffee 

Bring Everyone

It's Mom's turn not to cook so why not bring her and the entire family out to Brunch at Don Juan's? We know it's not easy to get everyone together but you know it's what she really wants the most – to have her family around her. So bring everyone to Don Juan's and you're sure to find plenty of food to delight everyone and Mom will feel oh so loved!

Make Reservations Today! Call us to prepare a table for your family at 661.822.6612 or email us here.